3S Theory Makes Airwheel M3 Wireless Remote Control Skateboards the Leader of City Vehicles

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Abstract: What Airwheel obeys when it’s developing its products is the 3S theory—speed, stability, and surprises. And the 3S theory makes Airwheel M3 electric skateboards the industry star again.

So many people wonder why Airwheel has quickly occupied the industry since it first entered the market of intelligent self-balancing scooters. The 3S theory in designing Airwheel products makes Airwheel and its products the industry leader today. 3S means Speed, Stability and Surprises. With 3S theory, Airwheel M3 electric skateboards have sized people’s eyes since it was first introduced in the latest products press release.

Speed=the amazing speed and the long range which amaze people. Thought M3 electric skateboards are just skateboards, Airwheel make them the vehicles that have the same performances as traditional city vehicles. The design of skateboards leaves less room for installing other vehicle units because the space between the board and the grounds are smaller. But Airwheel still installed the power bank with large electricity capacity. The power bank under the board provides riders with the electricity up to 163 Wh. The motors of Airwheel M3 self-balancing scooters are the new model which has compacted size and powerful performances, so M3 can run as fast as 18 km/h. Also, the powerful motor can bear the burden as heavy as 100 kg.

Stability=the modified vehicle units and good designs of the whole vehicle units which provide riders with better stability. The wheels of M3 wireless control skateboards come from Cheng Shin Tyre; and they are modified to be the wheels enabling riders to ride M3 stably. The standing boards of M3 are utterly manufactured by hands with advanced techniques to make sure that the boards are durable and work well. The front and rear dampers are made of special TPU which absorb the bumps while running on the road.

Surprise=the remote control which offers more fun to riders of Airwheel M3 intelligent motorized skateboards. The abolishment of the self-balancing system does not mean that Airwheel M3 is not the advanced intelligent vehicles now. Airwheel brought “one more thing” to Airwheel M3—the remote controller which make ridings as easy as play car racing games.

Speed, Stability and Surprise are what Airwheel offer riders with its M3 electric skateboards!